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Prism AIO Bot Review 2022: Compatibility with Proxies

If you want to cop sneakers from multiple sites, you need an AIO bot. With an All-in-One bot, you can avoid spending your money on multiple sneaker bots and instead use it to get yourself another pair of sneakers. These automation tools allow you to cop lots of sneakers in hot releases on major sneaker sites and sell them for profit. However, this doesn’t mean you should buy the first AIO bot you see online. To help you make the right decision, we’re going to review one of the hottest AIO bots – the Prism AIO bot. You’ll find out its main features and what has led to its spike in popularity. But first, let’s explain what Prism AIO is and how it works.

What Is Prism AIO and Why Should You Use It?

Praised for its reliability, Prism AIO is one of the hottest all-in-one bots on the market. Its consistently good performance has made it one of the fastest-growing sneaker bots for copping limited-edition, exclusive sneakers on multiple sneaker sites.

This bot has an intuitive design, excellent customer support, proxy support, and regular updates. It’s especially known for its consistent success on Shopify, which is hard to achieve considering the site’s increased anti-bot measures. It also works on YeezySupply, Foot Locker, Finish Line, etc.

The bot’s developer team works hard to ensure users can cop successfully and easily on multiple sites, providing regular updates and a wide range of modes.

Like any other sneaker bot, its main job is to make web requests to multiple sneaker sites at a blazing speed, automate the checkout process, and get the sneakers you want.

Main Features of Prism AIO

Most of all, Prism AIO users love this bot because of its robust features. This is why it gets sold out a lot. Knowing the main features of this bot will help you decide whether it’s worth it.

Evading anti-bot checks

Thanks to its ability to imitate human action on sneaker sites, Prism AIO can easily bypass anti-bot checks and cop the sneakers you want.

A built-in release calendar

Prism AIO includes a release calendar with options for task creation, task setup, and input monitoring. With the calendar, you can set up multiple tasks in a few minutes without hurdles. You can also group similar tasks to make them easier to monitor.

Unlike most AIO bots, Prism provides you with group statistics so you can easily and quickly check on all the tasks grouped together.

Regular updates

The bot’s developers are known for their hardworking and devotion to making their product more successful. As a result, they often push updates at the last moment to fight against the updated anti-bot measures of Shopify. This is why the bot has consistent success on the site.

Intuitive user interface

Whether you’re an experienced reseller or a newbie in the business, the intuitive, clean user interface of Prism AIO ensures everyone can use it easily and efficiently.

Prism AIO Compatibility With Proxies

When it comes to proxies for Prism AIO, it’s similar to other bots. Mainly, you need them to prevent sneaker sites from finding out you’re copping with bots, as that can leave you empty-handed. Besides taking your cooked sneakers, sites will most likely ban your accounts and IP address if they find out you’re using a bot.

The more reliable and secure the proxies are, the higher chances of success when copping sneakers with a bot. Another thing you should keep in mind when choosing proxies for Prism AIO is whether they are compatible with the bot or not.

With hundreds of proxy services available, choosing the right ones can be confusing and challenging. Our proxies are compatible with Prism AIO. On top of that, they provide the highest degree of anonymity, speed, and reliability.

The Perfect Combination

Choosing the Prism AIO bot will help you get the sneakers you want from multiple sneaker sites easily and efficiently. Combining it with our residential proxies will prevent sites from detecting your bot and banning your IP.


What is a Prism AIO proxy?

This term refers to any proxy server that works with the Prism AIO bot. Our residential proxies are compatible with this bot and will help you use it effectively and anonymously.

What are the best proxies for Prism AIO?

The best proxies for Prism AIO are residential proxies. Our sneaker proxy servers are 100% residential. They're highly reliable and safe as they use real IP addresses assigned by real ISPs.

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