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A sneaker proxy replaces your IP address with a new one in the location you choose. With a reliable sneaker proxy in the right location, no drop is out of your reach. We offer fast residential and datacenter sneaker proxies with high uptime and incredible speeds optimized for shopping online.

Our proxy pools cover the entire planet, so you can always choose an IP close to your target. That way, you can get the best possible speed and ensure the highest success rate - with every bot on every site. Just choose your location in a few clicks, and your proxies are ready to go!

Global Sneaker Proxy Pool

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Why Choose MarsProxies?

We believe in fully open internet available to all, without blocking, prioritizing, or any other form of discrimination. With security as our top priority, we always go the extra mile to ensure our client’s operations run smoothly at all times. As we know, information is the most precious and sensitive asset out there, and our goal is to always ensure utmost confidentiality, integrity, and information protection. We don’t believe in compromises, so we tailor and improve our solutions based on the needs of our clients and the market.

Every proxy provider brags about their IP pool size, low pricing, high availability, or something else. At MarsProxies, we provide our clients with the ability to test out all features of our products in their own environment. After that, they can purchase a plan that best fits their needs. There’s no fine print, no “catch-22” rules, no hidden conditions or unpleasant surprises. All our IP addresses are clean, legitimate, and suitable for VPN, wireless, hosting, data centers, marketing companies, ISPs, etc.

Proxies for Every Need

MarsProxies offer different types of proxies with packages suitable for every need and every budget. We offer sticky and rotating residential proxies from all over the world for our enterprise clients, with pricing starting at only 0.8USD per gigabyte of traffic. Our data center proxies come in IPv4 and IPv6 flavors, starting at 1.3USD per proxy for IPv4 and 0.2USD per proxy for IPv6 proxies. Both residential and datacenter plans are dedicated, located worldwide, and extremely fast, so there are no compromises in terms of speed.

For enterprise needs such as social media management, SEO monitoring, market research, and web scraping, 4G proxies work best. They come from an authentic 4G network, with unlimited bandwidth and multiple locations to choose from. Privatized IP tunneling ensures full anonymity, and your 4G proxy is assigned only to you, with prices as low as 7USD per day.

Finally, for people that have to get their hands on that latest pair of Yeezy kicks, the newest designer piece of clothing, or the ever-elusive new gaming console, our sneaker proxies are here to help. Most online retailers limit exclusive item sales to only one per visitor. Starting at just 0.8USD, our sneaker proxies will ensure a successful purchase as long as they work with the website you’re buying from.

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