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Datacenter Proxies


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What Is a Datacenter Proxy?

Datacenter proxies are proxy servers obtained from cloud services and data centers. These servers have their own IP address and location, forwarding all connection requests passing through. This is how they hide your IP address and location from the websites or services you visit, showing their own instead. Unlike residential or mobile proxies, which are associated with real users’ devices and ISPs, datacenter proxies are tied to web hosting companies and cloud service providers.

Datacenter vs. Other Proxy Types

Unlike residential and mobile proxies, datacenter proxies are sourced from data centers, resulting in high-speed internet connections. This is why you can often find datacenter proxies with speeds of up to 1 Gbps, and sometimes even 10 Gbps.

When it comes to pricing, they are cheaper than other types of proxies because they are easier to make and maintain. The pricing is usually based on the number of proxies instead of the amount of traffic you order, and they usually come with unlimited bandwidth.

Not being associated with ISPs makes them easier to detect and block than other proxies. However, they can still provide decent IP anonymity if purchased from a reliable provider.

Why Choose Our Datacenter Proxies?

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How Datacenter Proxies Work?

Datacenter proxies work by routing internet traffic through a server hosted in a data center or cloud service. When you send a request through a datacenter proxy, the request is first received by the proxy server in the data center. The proxy server then forwards the request to the target website or online resource on your behalf.

When the target website receives the request, it sees the datacenter proxy server’s IP address rather than the IP address of your device. This makes it more difficult for the website to track your activity or identify your location. As a result, you can browse anonymously or have multiple online identities at once, which is of absolute importance when running an automation software or bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do datacenter proxies come from? Who owns them?

Datacenter proxies are typically owned and operated by datacenter companies that provide web hosting, cloud computing, and other IT services.

What are datacenter proxies used for?

Datacenter proxies are used when you need to own multiple identities online and perform tasks at the highest speed possible. Common use cases include sneaker copping, web scraping, online shopping, etc.

What’s the difference between shared and private proxies?

Shared proxies are IP addresses used by numerous users simultaneously, so they are often slow and unreliable. On the other hand, private proxies are IP addresses given to a single user at a time, making them a faster and more reliable option.