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Guide On How To Use MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

We offer a wide selection of premium datacenter proxies in multiple countries. That way, we ensure all our clients always have more than enough options to suit all their needs. Our Datacenter Proxy network also gets updated on a regular basis.

The features that set us apart from similar solutions out there are high anonymity, great speeds, and fantastic success rates.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Datacenter Proxies and cover all the information you need to start using them.

Why Choose MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

🚀 Competitive pricing

We offer premium datacenter proxies with advanced features and high reliability at some of the lowest prices in the market.

🚀 Great location coverage

Our Datacenter Proxies are available in many countries across four continents and we constantly add new ones.

🚀 High speeds

With 10 Gbps speed and zero bandwidth limits, Datacenter Proxies make an excellent choice even for the most bandwidth-intensive tasks.

🚀 Versatile plans

Choosing the exact number of proxies makes our services accessible to users who don’t want to commit to large packages.

🚀 24/7 support

Our skilled team of experts is available non-stop and responds quickly to help you set up and make the most of our service.

Technical Features of MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

🚀 Dedicated IPs

No splicing or sharing - each IP is reserved just for you, guaranteeing ultimate online privacy and complete control over your activities.

🚀 99.9% uptime

Consistent availability and reliable connections enable you to access all the resources you need when you need them.

🚀 HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 support

Select the protocol that best suits your needs for flawless results with any usage scenario.

🚀 Unlimited traffic

Enjoy complete online freedom without traffic limitations, restrictions, and unexpected additional charges.

The Purchase Of MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

This section will cover the entire process of purchasing MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies. This includes adding payment methods and funds to your account, the purchasing process, managing your orders, and everything else you need to know.

Adding Funds to Your Account

Once you’ve created your MarsProxies account, log in to the dashboard.


Click on your username in the top right corner (1) and select Deposit (2) from the menu.


Select your preferred payment method (3) in the new window. Add the necessary information (4) and click on Pay (5).


You’ll get a notification (6) that the deposit was made successfully, and you’ll see the details in the latest transactions (7).


Congratulations, you can now purchase your Datacenter Proxies.

How to Purchase MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

Select Datacenter Proxies from the list on the left (1), then click on Create new order (2).


Select the plan (3), the location of your proxies (4), and the number of proxies you wish to purchase (5). If you want the order to extend automatically before it expires, tick the Auto extend order box (6). Enter a coupon code if you have one (7) and click on Apply (8). Once you’re done, click Next (9).


In the new window, you’ll be able to see your order details. Here, you must select your preferred payment method (10). To pay for your order, you can pay with a credit card or use your account balance. Once you select your preferred option, click Pay (11).


Once we process the order, you will get an email. Our website will automatically take you back to the Datacenter Proxies page. Here, you’ll be able to see your order’s status. Once it’s confirmed, you’re ready to start using your proxies by clicking the Details button (12).


How to Extend Datacenter Proxies Orders

Once you purchase your proxies, you also have the option to renew your orders manually or automatically. In both cases, you get to keep the same IP addresses.

Extending Orders Manually

To extend an order manually, use the Extend (1) button in the dashboard.


You’ll be transferred to the order extension page. Choose the appropriate extension period in the Order plan (2). Note that the system will automatically include all discounts you’re entitled to (plan duration and the number of proxies). The details will update automatically to reflect the new order expiration date and the final price. Click the Confirm (3) button.


Select the payment method (4) and click the Pay (5) button when ready.


You will get a notification and an email about successfully placing the order. Also, the order you extended will be split into two entries in Your Orders - the initial order (6) and the extension (7).


Extending Orders Automatically

Alternatively, you can extend your Datacenter Proxies orders automatically before they expire. From the dashboard, click the Details (1) button for the order you want to extend automatically.


Click the Enable (2) button to enable auto-extend for that particular order.


Once you do, you’ll get a notification (3). You can turn off automatic order extensions by clicking the Disable (4) button.


As long as auto-extend is enabled, the system will extend your order automatically. It will also include any discounts you’re entitled to, and the funds will be deducted from your account balance.

Trial & Refund Policy

We don’t offer a trial period for our Datacenter Proxies. Instead, we suggest purchasing the daily plan for the purpose of testing. That way, you can make sure our proxies work for your intended purpose at minimal cost.

Dashboard Overview Of MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

Here’s all you need to know about the MarsProxies dashboard and all the features it offers for Datacenter Proxies.


My profile

Here you can configure your profile information (name, username, email, location, affiliate payout method, invoice details, and notifications from MarsProxies).


The deposit page allows you to add funds to your account using credit cards or cryptocurrencies. You also get an overview of your previous deposits.

User menu

Clicking on your username opens a menu that displays your current account balance. You can modify your profile settings, deposit funds, and confirm your identity from here.

Datacenter Proxies orders list

This button takes you to the Datacenter Proxies order overview section.

Order details

Here you can see the information regarding your order - current status, expiration date, plan, location, and the number of proxies.

Auto extend order

By enabling this feature, your order will be extended automatically three days before expiration. The system automatically includes all discounts you’re entitled to and deducts the funds from your account balance.

Reset credentials

By clicking this button, the system will generate new usernames and passwords for your proxies. You can do this once per hour.

Product info

This list contains the credentials for all your proxies (in the standard hostname:port:username:password format).

Select port

Here you can choose whether your proxies will use HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5 protocol. The product info list gets updated automatically when you make a change.

Configuration Of MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies are pre-configured and ready to use right after your order gets confirmed. Still, you can reset your credentials (1) once per hour and select the protocol for your proxies (2) as needed.



Do Datacenter Proxies support the whitelist option (IP:PORT authentication)?

Our Datacenter Proxies only support the standard username and password authentication. Only our Ultra Residential proxies support both options (username + password and IP whitelisting).

Is it possible to use the same Datacenter Proxy on different devices at once?

Yes. However, these devices need to be on the same network. Our Datacenter Proxies are bound to your IP address, so you can only use them on multiple devices that access the internet via the same IP address.

What are the available locations for Datacenter Proxies?

Our Datacenter Proxies are available in 30+ countries. We constantly update and expand our network, so our clients always have access to fresh proxies for all their tasks.

Do you offer rotating datacenter proxies?

We don’t offer rotating datacenter proxies at the moment. If you need rotating IPs, we suggest using our Ultra Residential proxies. The service offers access to over one million IPs in 190 countries, along with rotating and sticky session support.

What’s the minimum number of Datacenter Proxies I can buy?

The minimum number of Datacenter Proxies you can purchase in one order is 10.

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