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From efficient sneaker copping and web scraping to improved gameplay, proxies are used in various ways. No matter why you’re using them, speed is a critical factor to consider. Fast proxies improve efficiency and give the desired results. But the speed won’t really matter if you get your proxies from an unreliable provider. Enter MarsProxies! We are a trusty proxy provider known for our lightning-fast proxies and affordable plans suitable for both individual and business users.

Fast Proxies


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What Proxies Are the Fastest Proxies?

The fastest proxies are undoubtedly datacenter proxies. These are sourced from data centers or cloud services, unlike residential, which are obtained from genuine users and real internet service providers. Being stored on servers with advanced infrastructure and not relying on users’ unstable Wi-Fi connections makes datacenter proxies much faster than others.

Rotating proxies can be a good option for activities like web scraping, making the whole process faster. The reason is that they can automatically assign a new IP address for each request or at set intervals, allowing for smoother and uninterrupted data scraping.

The type of protocol they support, server location, and bandwidth limitations are other factors to consider when choosing fast proxies. Opt for SOCKS5 proxies with unlimited bandwidth located close to you.

How Do I Test My Proxy Speed?

Testing your proxy speed is an important step in ensuring that your online activities remain smooth and uninterrupted. You can do this with an online IP checking tool, but you’ll have to check each proxy separately, which can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a proxy list. Therefore, a basic online IP checker should work just fine if you want to test the speed of one or two proxies.

But if you have proxy lists, you can significantly speed up the checking process by using an advanced proxy tester tool from a trusty brand. This way, you can copy and paste your entire list into the tool, getting all the information you need, including the proxy speed.

Still, real-world performance is always better than statistics, so using your proxies is the best way to see if they are fast enough for your needs.

Why MarsProxies Is the Best Choice for Fast Proxies?

MarsProxies is a reputable proxy provider offering one of the fastest and most reliable proxies on the market. We have hundreds of thousands of reliable datacenter proxies with 6-120ms speeds and 99.9% uptime, contributing to a fast and uninterrupted connection.

Our datacenter proxies come with SOCKS5 support and unlimited bandwidth and threads. This makes them a good fit for any web application and activities that require transmitting vast amounts of data.

Since we have IP addresses from locations across the US and Europe, you can choose IPs located on a server near you, contributing to the proxy speed. Plus, we have a daily plan which you can use to test our proxy speeds at a minimal cost.

We also have dedicated ISP proxies with speeds of up to 10Gbps, which makes them one of the fastest ISP proxies out there. Our residential proxies support IP rotation after each request and come with never-expiring traffic, so they are an excellent solution for web scraping.

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How Fast Proxies Work?

Fast proxies work like regular proxy servers, facilitating web requests and web responses between you and the target website server. They do this by taking your web requests, analyzing them, and sending them to the destination server. In the same way, they take the web responses before they finally send them to you. It’s like having a middleman between you and the website or service you want to access.

Fast proxies work by optimizing the speed and reliability of this process.


What is proxy speed?

Proxy speed refers to the rate at which a proxy server can process and forward user requests to the internet. This includes both the speed at which the proxy server can receive incoming requests from users and the speed at which it can forward those requests to the destination website or online service.

Can a proxy make your internet faster?

Proxy servers can enhance your internet performance, but this depends on various factors. With advanced caching techniques, proxies can improve responsiveness and reduce latency.

Why are my proxies so slow?

There can be several reasons why your proxies are slow. These include the proxy type, server location, bandwidth limitations, server load, etc.