Proxies for Bots

Using bots to cop limited-edition sneakers or items from popular retailers and manufacturers is no longer easy. Actually, it’s pretty tough as most online stores run anti-bot software and automatically ban any IP address linked to bot-like behavior. This is when proxies for bots can help, and MarsProxies has the perfect solution! Our proxies can keep your bot under the radar of target websites and get the limited-edition shoes you want before they get out of stock.

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Proxies for Bots Defined

Proxies for bots refer to proxy servers used by bot operators to hide the fact that they are using a bot. That’s because most online stores don’t support bot usage and ban any IP address associated with bot activity. This happens when the website detects numerous simultaneous requests from the same IP address, which only bots or automation tools can do.

With proxies, bot requests will look like they are coming from numerous legitimate users at the same time. The reason is that each proxy has a unique IP address, and each IP address identifies a legitimate user.

Why You Should Use ISP Proxies for Sneaker Copping

ISP proxies are a great option for copping sneakers because they provide the authority of residential proxies and the speed and availability of datacenter proxies. Being provided by legitimate internet service providers gives them more credibility and legitimacy, making them less likely to be detected and blocked by sneaker websites.

At the same time, they provide faster connection speeds and lower latency than residential proxies as they are hosted in data center servers. Faster connection speeds increase your chances of securing a pair of sneakers before they sell out. These proxies are static and support precise location targeting, allowing you to choose an IP that’s physically close to the target server. This can be important for bots that need to access geo-restricted websites.

Why MarsProxies Is the Best Choice?

MarsProxies is a reliable proxy provider offering high-quality ISP proxies at competitive prices. We have hundreds of thousands of ISP residential proxies coming from premium internet service providers worldwide.

Our dedicated proxies are unbanned on most online stores and are compatible with most sneaker bots, making them ideal for copping limited-edition shoes without worrying about getting banned.

The fantastic speeds of up to 10Gbps and 99.9% uptime will ensure you stay connected during the entire drop and snatch the hottest pair of sneakers the moment it becomes available.

The unlimited bandwidth, HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, and 24/7 customer support make them even more attractive.

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How Proxies for Bots Work?

Proxies for bots work like regular proxy servers, acting as intermediaries between the bot and the target website. When a bot sends a request to a website through a proxy, the website sees the IP address of the proxy server instead of the bot’s true IP address.

So when the bot sends numerous simultaneous requests to the sneaker website, it can quickly become flagged for suspicious activity, as no human can send that many requests at the same time. With proxies, each of these requests can appear as if it’s coming from a different IP address or user, instead of coming from one IP. This way, the bot can do its job efficiently and anonymously.


What type of proxies do bots need?

The best type of proxies for bots are ISP proxies from a reliable provider. They provide the speed and authenticity a bot needs to cop sneakers or other limited-edition items efficiently and safely.

How to tell what type of proxy you need for your bot?

The type of proxy you need for your bot depends on several factors, including the purpose of your bot, the website or service you are trying to access, and your specific use case.

Are there any benefits to using one type of proxy over the other (HTTP/SOCKS)?

SOCKS proxies can be better for bots as they offer more flexibility and handle any traffic, not just HTTP traffic. They can also offer better security and privacy. HTTP proxies are simpler to set up and configure and may be more cost-effective for simple use cases.