Try the Best North Carolina Proxies Around

At MarsProxies, you’ll find the fastest and most reliable North Carolina proxies on the market. We offer high-quality North Carolina residential and datacenter proxies that will make you look like a genuine North Carolina user no matter where you are.

With SOCKS5 support and 99.9% uptime, our clean North Carolina IP addresses are perfect for online shopping, sneaker copping, and anything else that requires ultimate privacy and reliability online!

Try the Best North Carolina Proxies Around


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  • Ultra Residential Proxies

    Fresh, rotating IPs

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    Gets as low as $3.49/GB

    • Non-expiring GBs
    • 190+ locations
    • Over 500K IPs
    • SOCKS5 supported
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  • ISP Proxies

    Dedicated, fast, unlimited

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    Gets as low as $1.35/proxy

    • High speeds
    • Unlimited traffic
    • Top ISP providers
    • 1-day plan available
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  • Datacenter Proxies

    High speeds

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    Gets as low as $0.89/proxy

    • High speeds
    • Unlimited traffic
    • Most popular locations
    • 1-day plan available
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  • Sneaker Proxies

    For sneaker copping

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    Gets as low as $0.86/proxy

    • For sneaker websites
    • Unlimited traffic
    • Dedicated just for you!
    • Most popular locations
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  • NEW!

    Mobile Proxies

    Value proposal

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    Gets as low as $2.83/day

    • Supports 5G/4G/3G/LTE
    • Unlimited traffic
    • Unlimited sessions
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The Key Benefits of a North Carolina Proxy Server


Our North Carolina proxies are developed with the highest possible speed, making them a good fit for all sorts of online shopping, streaming, and gaming activities. With a fantastic uptime of 99.9%, you won’t notice any disruption or lag, enjoying a smooth online experience every time!

Highest success rates

Our state-of-the-art proxies have fantastic success rates that will help you improve your efficiency no matter what you do online. Whether you’re copping the hottest releases or scraping data from well-protected websites, our premium North Carolina proxies will increase your chances of getting your desired results!

Flawless authenticity

Our proxy servers are 100% authentic, with the highest trust scores you can find. All of our North Carolina IP addresses are genuine and not associated with any malicious activity. With our premium proxy servers, you can expect nothing but the best without worrying about the authenticity of your proxies.

High uptime

Our North Carolina proxies have an impressive uptime of 99.9%, so you don’t have to worry about sudden crashes when copping the latest limited-edition sneakers, playing your favorite video game, or transferring large amounts of data. They are reliable, stable, and available whenever you need them!

Versatile plans

Different users have different needs and budgets, so we’ve ensured there’s something for everyone. Our versatile plans include options for both beginners and experts who appreciate quality proxy service at prices that won’t break the bank. We even have a daily plan if you need North Carolina proxies for a short time.

Instant delivery

We understand everyone who purchases proxies wants to get them as soon as possible. For that reason, we have a fast delivery system that ensures you get your proxies minutes after making the order. This way, you won’t miss out on that limited-edition drop you’ve been waiting for!

Who Can Use Our North Carolina Proxy Servers and How

Our premium North Carolina proxies are perfect for sneakerheads and sneaker resellers around the world, helping them secure multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers before they sell out. But they are also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look like they are browsing the web within North Carolina despite being elsewhere.

Home users and businesses alike can benefit from our reliable proxy service by increasing their privacy and security online. This ensures efficient data scraping, gaming, streaming, and much more.

The Risks of Using Free North Carolina Proxies

While free North Carolina proxies can be a tempting option, there are several risks associated with using them. First of all, they are not safe. They could be run by unknown individuals or organizations that monitor your browsing activity so they can sell it to ad companies or third parties for profit.

Also, they may be used by malicious actors to steal user data, inject malware, or conduct phishing attacks. Free North Carolina proxies usually have slow speeds and frequent downtime because they are shared by hundreds of users at the same time. This can result in poor user experience that will make it difficult to complete tasks that require a stable and reliable internet connection.

Try the Fastest North Carolina Proxy Addresses

Whether you’re copping sneakers, shopping, gaming, streaming, or scraping data, a fast internet connection is a must. This is why all our proxies are designed with premium speeds in mind! Our proxy network consists of 8,211 residential, ISP, and datacenter North Carolina IP addresses, but our team of experts is constantly adding new ones, so you don’t have to worry about running out of North Carolina IPs. With top speeds and impressive uptime, our proxies contribute to a fast and uninterrupted connection, helping you grab your favorite pair of sneakers before everyone else!

Our Best North Carolina IP Addresses are Right Here

MarsProxies prides itself on the top-notch North Carolina proxy service, gaining a high reputation as one of the best premium proxy providers. We offer excellent value for anyone that needs reliable North Carolina proxies, combining high performance, affordable plans, and enough features for all tasks. We offer SOCKS5 support, dual authentication, and excellent bulk discounts. Our trusty proxies are highly flexible and customizable, and easy to use. And, we’re here for you 24/7 should you encounter any issues regarding your proxies. All this makes MarsProxies North Carolina datacenter, residential, and ISP proxies a no-brainer for anyone looking for increased privacy and freedom online.

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