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Enjoy the benefits of this versatile proxy protocol. SOCKS5 protocol support included with every plan.

What Is a Sneaker Proxy?

Sneaker proxies are a crucial part of any successful sneaker-copping setup. They are IP addresses you can use with your sneaker bots to make your orders look like they’re coming from genuine visitors. Whether you’re looking to increase your chances of copping sneakers or buying more than one pair, sneaker proxies are the only way to go.

How to Choose the Best Sneaker Proxy?

A successful purchase depends on your sneaker proxy’s authenticity, speed, and location. When looking for the best sneaker proxies, choosing a provider with extensive location support, precise targeting, and a large enough IP address pool is vital. Proxy sourcing is also an essential factor. Ethically sourced genuine IPs are a must to ensure authenticity and successful purchasing. Finally, a premium sneaker provider should have around-the-clock support ready to help if you run into any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use free proxies for sneakers?

While nothing is stopping you from using free proxies for sneaker copping, it’s a terrible idea. While there’s no shortage of free proxies online, you’ll never run into free sneaker proxies. They’re free, so someone else probably already used them on a sneaker site, which means they’re already flagged. Even if they’re not, free proxies aren’t known for their speed and reliability, so your chances of successfully copping anything are slim at best.

Can I use ISP Proxies for sneakers?

Yes! ISP proxies have minimal chances of getting banned and offer very high success rates. Shoe sites “see” them as any other residential IP. More importantly, they offer the high speeds and low latency of datacenter proxies, so they’re a great option for sneaker copping.

Is it legal to use proxies while buying sneakers?

Using sneaker proxies is legal. If it weren’t, providers wouldn’t advertise and sell them publicly. As long as you get your sneaker proxies from a provider with transparent and ethical proxy sourcing practices, there’s nothing to worry about.