Shopping Proxies

Everyone shops online, whether that’s sneakers, clothes, electronics, books, or anything else. It’s convenient, which is why many of us turn to online shopping every day. But despite the convenience and ease of use offered by online stores, we are often faced with challenges such as geo-restrictions, anti-bot software, and one item-per-user rules for exclusive products. These limitations are the reason why every online shopper, whether individual or business, should know about shopping proxies, and MarsProxies has the perfect solution!

Shopping Proxies


“If you don’t try those proxies, you won’t become the superhero you were meant to be”

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What Are Shopping Proxies?

Shopping proxies are regular proxy servers that function as a bridge between your internet-connected device and online stores or retail sites. They have their own IP addresses, which appear as yours when visiting online stores or retail sites, allowing you to stay anonymous. This way, they make it more difficult for the site to track your identity, location, and browsing activity. Giving you a chance to visit sites and apps via a different IP address provides you with many benefits, including better online privacy, security, and shopping opportunities.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Shopping Online?

Proxies can help you get the product you want before it sells out and at a better price, even if it’s not available in your region. Since you’re able to choose the proxy’s location, you can make it appear as if you’re from a supported region and get access to sales, discounts, and deals that are otherwise not available in your own country. You can even use them to take advantage of price differences and save money as a local shopper.

Proxies can also be useful for creating multiple accounts on the same site and using an auto-checkout bot to buy more than a single pair despite the one-pair-per-customer rule. This will make your orders look like they are coming from multiple customers, letting you complete as many purchases as you want. Additionally, they can help you scrape retailer sites for business purposes.

Why Choose Our Proxies?

With over 550,000 clean IP addresses from most US and EU locations, our proxies are ideal for shopping online, especially if you’re in the sneaker-copping world.

That’s because MarsProxies offers proxy servers that are unbanned on all stores worldwide, including Nike, YeezySupply, Footlocker, Supreme, About You, Offspring, etc.

With super-fast speeds, high uptime, and SOCKS5 support, our proxies will take your shopping experience to the next level.

We offer ethically-sourced residential, ISP, and datacenter proxies compatible with most shopping bots and dedicated to a single user at a time.

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How Shopping Proxies Work?

Shopping proxies work as a middleman between you and the retail site you want to visit. They use their own IP addresses to connect to the desired site or app, keeping your original IP hidden. So once you send a request to the retail site, the proxy collects it, assesses it, and sends it to the right destination on your behalf. Likewise, it collects the response from the site or app and forwards it to your device. This allows you to protect your online identity when shopping online and make it appear as if you’re another user from another location. Or in the case of bots, to keep them hidden and make their requests look like they are coming from different genuine users.


What are the best proxies for shopping?

The best proxies for shopping are ethically-sourced proxies with high speeds, SOCKS5 support, and great bot compatibility. Coming from real users and ISPs, residential proxies are perfect for shopping online, but datacenter and ISP proxies can be just as good options as they provide better speeds.

Is it legal to use proxies while shopping online?

Using proxies is 100% legal as long as you get them from a reliable provider and don’t use them for committing fraud or engaging in other illegal activities.