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With over 3.500 brands to choose from, About You is an attractive shopping destination for people across Europe. The German fashion online retailer is active in 24 European locations, but what if your country is not among them? Can you shop on About You from outside of these regions? And what if you want to use a bot to automate the purchasing process or increase your chances of buying multiple limited-edition items? This is when MarsProxies can help!

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“If you don’t try those proxies, you won’t become the superhero you were meant to be”

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What Is About You?

About You is a German e-commerce company that operates an online fashion and lifestyle platform. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Hamburg, Germany. They offer a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children, as well as beauty and home products. They are known for their extensive selection of trendy fashion products and easy-to-use website and mobile app where users can shop. After starting in Germany, the retailer expanded to various countries in Europe, including Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, and others.

Why Do I Need Proxies for About You?

Proxies can be useful to anyone interested in the About You products and site content, whether they are everyday shoppers or businesses. For starters, they can help you to hide your IP address and location, allowing you to shop on the site anonymously. Choosing the proxy’s IP location allows you to use them to bypass geo-restrictions and make the site servers think you’re coming from a supported region. This way, you can access the site as well as any sales, deals, or discounts that may not be available in your region. At the same time, proxies can help you create multiple accounts on About You and buy limited-edition sneakers that are only available for a certain time or quantity. They can help you to make the most out of using AIO bots and scrapers without getting detected or banned.

Why Choose Our Proxies?

MarsProxies is known for its ethically-sourced proxy pool of hundreds of thousands of clean IP addresses in most EU and US locations.

Our sneaker proxies are optimized for sneaker websites, including About You, ensuring you stay unbanned while shopping

Since time is everything with sneaker copping, our proxies are built to deliver the best speed and uptime possible, helping you to grab as many sneakers as possible in the short period they sell for.

With MarsProxies private proxies, you get SOCKS5 support, sticky sessions, and bot compatibility to maximize your chances of success.

Become a part of our thriving global Discord community!

By simply joining our Discord channel, you can become a part of our thriving global community, get help, share tips, and more. Most importantly, you can check out the successful purchases our users make, with new comments and screenshots added every day.

How About You Proxies Work?

About You proxies work by hiding your actual IP address from the store’s site server, keeping your online identity private. They take your About You requests, assess them, and send them to the site server on your behalf. In the same manner, they take the site responses and forward them to your device, acting as a middleman in the process. Since each proxy has its own IP address, and each IP address identifies the user’s location, you can choose a proxy in a specific location to make it appear as if you’re accessing About You from another region. Proxies can also help you to use sneaker botting software to buy the sneakers you want as fast as possible automatically.


Do proxies hide your location?

Yes, proxies can hide your location and make it appear as if you’re somewhere else. That’s because they use their own IP addresses to access the site you want to visit, keeping your actual IP address and location anonymous.

Can my IP be tracked if I use a proxy?

As long as you use private proxies from a reputable provider, you can rest assured your IP address will stay hidden from the About You site server.

What should you consider when choosing a proxy?

Make sure the proxy comes from a reliable provider and is not used by anyone else but you. Not only do they have to be private, but they also need to offer fast and reliable connections and be in a location supported by the site you want to visit.