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Whether you’re a gamer, content creation professional, or simply a high-quality computer hardware enthusiast, the AMD online shop is worth checking out. This leading semiconductor company specializes in manufacturing microprocessors, graphics processing units (GPUs), and other computer hardware. But getting your hands on their limited-edition graphic cards or processors is next to impossible. Enter MarsProxies. Our proxies allow you to use bots to act fast and secure one, and even get it for cheaper.

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About AMD

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is a leading semiconductor company that specializes in computer hardware. Founded in 1969, AMD has grown to become a major competitor of Intel in the microprocessor market and Nvidia in the GPU market. AMD has an online shop where customers can purchase a variety of products directly from the company. The shop offers a range of AMD products, including CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, graphic cards, and other hardware components. It ships to many countries around the world, and customers can choose from a range of shipping options to suit their needs.

Why Do I Need Proxies for AMD?

AMD often releases limited-edition processors and graphic cards that sell out in a few minutes. With proxies, you can automate your purchases to get your hands on the limited-edition item before it sells out. They can also help you to avoid limitations and one-item-per-customer policies and purchase multiple limited-edition AMD items from a single device.

Proxies can help you bypass geo-restrictions and take advantage of discounts and special offers, which can be very useful considering how expensive these items are. This can be especially useful to anyone who plans to buy more than one graphic card, processor, or any other AMD stuff. And they can help you extract data from the AMD site efficiently and safely.

Why Choose Our Proxies?

With over 550,000 ethically-sourced proxies from most US and EU locations, MarsProxies is one of the best proxy providers on the market.

We focus on quality, ensuring all of our proxies are clean and unbanned on most online stores, including the AMD shop. At the same time, our team of experts is constantly adding new IP addresses to our proxy pool so it meets any user’s demands.

We have dedicated residential, ISP, and datacenter proxies which come with blazing fast speeds, fantastic uptime of 99.9%, and SOCKS5 support for ultimate security and flexibility.

With our reliable proxies, you’ll have all the bandwidth to yourself, which is crucial when using automation tools. Whether you need AMD proxies for bypassing geo-restrictions or automating the purchasing or data extraction process, MarsProxies is your best bet!

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By simply joining our Discord channel, you can become a part of our thriving global community, get help, share tips, and more. Most importantly, you can check out the successful purchases our users make, with new comments and screenshots added every day.

How AMD Proxies Work?

When using an AMD proxy, you’re reaching the AMD site servers via another IP address, keeping your online identity hidden from the site servers. This allows you to shop on the site anonymously, as well as automate the purchasing process to get a limited-edition item before it gets out of stock. Likewise, proxies can keep your scraper anonymous, helping you to extract the data you need from the AMD site efficiently and safely.

Since each proxy has its own IP address, using multiple proxies would provide you with multiple online identities and avoid the one-item-per-customer policy. By using proxies in different locations, you can take advantage of special offers and discounts offered to people in different countries.


Can I use datacenter proxies for AMD?

Although datacenter proxies are known for their speed, residential proxies are best in terms of security which is more important when automating purchases on AMD. Residential proxies will keep you away from bans because they are sourced from real users and real ISPs.

Can I order from AMD to Europe without proxies?

Yes, the AMD online shop ships to several European countries, including France, Spain, Germany, the UK, and Sweden. Proxies can be useful if you want to secure a limited-edition item before it sells out or locate the best deals on the site.