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When it comes to consumer electronic products, a lot of Italians shop on MediaWorld – an online store that sells everything, from TV sets and PCs to video games and gaming accessories. However, not everyone can get their hands on a product from a limited-edition release. So if you want to increase your chances of buying one, or even more, before it sells out, you need proxies. And this is when MarsProxies comes into play!

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“If you don’t try those proxies, you won’t become the superhero you were meant to be”

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About MediaWorld

MediaWorld is an Italian electronics retailer that sells a wide range of consumer electronics products, including television sets, computers, mobile phones, audio equipment, and video games and gaming equipment from popular brands like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The company operates physical stores throughout Italy and an online store that only ships within Italy. MediaWorld is known for offering a wide selection of products and competitive prices, making it a popular choice for consumers in the country.

Why Do I Need Proxies for MediaWorld?

Products from limited-edition releases on MediaWorld tend to sell out quickly, so getting one for yourself can be challenging. Luckily, you can use proxies and bots to speed things up and grab a limited-edition product before it gets out of stock. While the bot automates the purchasing process, proxies ensure the MediaWorld web server doesn’t find out about it. Also, many limited-edition products on the site are limited to one per customer, so if you want to buy more than one, proxies can help. Using multiple proxies will make the MediaWorld site server see you and treat you as multiple visitors, thus allowing you to buy multiple products and avoid the one-product-per-customer rule. You can also use proxies to change your location and see if there are some discounts or sales offered to people in other Italian regions.

Why Choose Our Proxies?

With our IP addresses, you can rest assured you’ll appear as a legitimate visitor to MediaWorld, thus avoiding any limitations and hurdles.

We have fast residential and datacenter proxies with SOCKS5 support, sticky sessions, and dual authentication.

Our IP addresses are clean and private, so you won’t share them with anyone else.

This makes them highly anonymous, secure, and fast, allowing you to buy whatever you want from MediaWorld without worrying about getting detected or blocked.

Become a part of our thriving global Discord community!

By simply joining our Discord channel, you can become a part of our thriving global community, get help, share tips, and more. Most importantly, you can check out the successful purchases our users make, with new comments and screenshots added every day.

How MediaWorld Proxies Work?

MediaWorld proxies work like any other proxies, connecting you to the desired website using another IP address. By acting as an intermediary between you and the MediaWorld site server, they keep your online identity anonymous. So if you use multiple proxies, you’d have multiple online identities, which will help you get around the one-product-per-customer policy and buy as many products from a limited-edition release as you want.

Also, proxies can keep your bot under the radar and use it to get your hands on a limited-edition product before it sells out. That’s because multiple IPs will be used to send your bot’s requests to the MediaWorld site, which will prevent the site server from realizing you’re using a bot, whether for shopping or scraping.


Can I order from MediaWorld if I am in Australia?

Unfortunately, MediaWorld ships only within Italy. However, an Italy proxy can help you make an order on the site as if you’re Italian, but you still need to leave an Italian shipping address. As long as you have someone to receive the product on your behalf and ship it to you in Australia, you’re good to go.

Is it legal to buy from MediaWorld with proxies?

Yes, as long as you use ethically-sourced proxies from a reliable proxy provider. Proxy servers are 100% legal. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many proxy providers around. Of course, always make sure to use proxy servers responsibly and stay away from any illegal activities.