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When it comes to computer hardware and software, plenty of Americans and Canadians shop on Newegg. It’s an eCommerce company that sells everything, from laptops and gaming consoles to graphic cards and business software. However, getting your hands on a limited-edition release from the store can be challenging. Hence the need for proxies. With MarsProxies, you can even buy some Newegg products at a lower price and much more.

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About Newegg

Newegg is a popular online store for computer hardware, software, electronics, and other products. It was founded in 2000 in California and has since grown to become one of the largest online computer hardware retailers in the United States, with a significant presence in Canada and other countries. The company’s website offers various products ranging from computer components, laptops, and desktops to gaming consoles, home appliances, and more.

Why Do I Need Proxies for Newegg?

Newegg products from limited-edition releases can sell out the moment they become available. However, using proxies and bots can give you the speed and anonymity you need to get your hands on one limited-edition item or more. While bots are automating the purchasing process, proxies ensure the process goes smoothly without interruptions.

And if Newegg decides to limit the number of products per customer, proxies will help you avoid the limitations and buy as many items as you want. With reliable proxies, you can check if the eCommerce store offers better deals or sales to people in other regions. Moreover, they will help you pay lower taxes when buying digital items like graphic cards by simply changing your virtual location. Good proxies can make your shopping experience safer. And if you’re interested in the site data, they will help you scrape it efficiently!

Why Choose Our Proxies?

MarsProxies is a 100% legit and reliable proxy provider that offers over 550.000 ethically sourced IP addresses. Our proxy pool consists of clean US and EU IP addresses that are unbanned on most online stores, ensuring the highest levels of performance and privacy.

We understand the importance of speed and therefore provide one of the fastest proxies on the market.

The high uptime of 99.9% means they are extremely reliable, and the SOCKS5 support that they are highly flexible and secure. On top of that, our proxies are dedicated, so you’ll be the sole owner of the IP addresses allocated to you.

Whether you need fast and reliable residential, ISP, or datacenter proxies, MarsProxies is the perfect solution for you.

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How Newegg Proxies Work?

Newegg proxies work as an intermediary between you and the Newegg website. They use their own IP address to connect you to the Newegg site servers, hiding your original IP and location. This allows you to visit the site and make purchases anonymously. As a result, you can use automation tools or bots on the site without being revealed or banned. That’s because the proxies will make your bot requests seem like they are coming from multiple legitimate users.

This is also useful if you want to avoid a one-item-per-customer policy. Since you can choose the proxy’s location, you can appear as if you’re a resident of another country and locate the best possible deals on the site or pay lower taxes for digital items. The ability to hide automation tools allows business users to scrape data from the Newegg site efficiently and safely!


What are Newegg proxies?

Newegg proxies are standard proxy servers that work on the Newegg website. It’s important to get them from a reputable provider who uses ethical and transparent manners of sourcing the proxies.

Is botting Newegg illegal?

Like most eCommerce stores, Newegg doesn’t support the usage of bots and has therefore employed bot protection. This is why it’s crucial that you use clean and reliable proxies from a trusty provider that will keep you away from bans.