Optimized sneaker proxies for all bots, all sites, all drops, all over the world

Who Are We?

The online sneaker and retail landscape is more restrictive than ever, with bans, geo-restrictions, and other IP-based limitations as the most common issues. The goal of MarsProxies is simple - to provide affordable and efficient solutions to these problems. With our products, we help people around the world successfully avoid these obstacles and secure their desired items.

What’s Our Mission?

MarsProxies is a young and enthusiastic group of sneakerheads and IT experts. We’re focused on delivering thoroughly optimized proxy servers that meet the needs of sneaker enthusiasts and other online shoppers worldwide. With custom-tailored residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies, we offer a full range of services that work flawlessly with all popular sneaker bots and websites.

Company information:

  • Company name: Dafisa Limited

  • Reg. no. 129,915

  • Address: 60 Market Square, Belize City

  • Country: Belize

  • Post code: PO Box 364

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