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How to Use Sneaker Cook Groups to Bot (With a Proxy Guide)

The secondary sneaker market exploded over the last few years, with literally everyone from fans to investors trying to cash in on limited releases. Sneaker cook groups started emerging and quickly became indispensable, drawing in everyone looking to take advantage in this field.

Such groups are traditionally hosted on Discord or its equivalents. In each group, members share insider knowledge on the upcoming sneaker drops, which will definitely bring them profit in case of reselling.

With that said, not every sneaker drop is going to require an extensive level of pursuit. While the level of preparation and effort varies from one drop to another, they all require the necessary toolkit to ensure successful purchases.

That's where bots and proxies come in. Their role is to automate the purchasing process. But more importantly, they also help bypass the restrictions set on websites to ensure a successful cop.

Today, we’re delving deeper into sneaker cook groups and how they function. On top of that, we’ll touch on proxies and bots used by these groups, and explain how you can become an active player in the sneaker reselling landscape.

Understanding Sneaker Cook Groups

Sneaker cook groups are essentially communities where members pay a monthly fee for insider information on sneaker releases. These groups provide a suite of tools and resources, including early links to product launches, restock alerts, and tips for reselling at a profit.

Operating mainly on Discord, these groups are more than just information hubs. They're collaborative spaces where members share strategies, success stories, and sometimes even bot scripts. The allure of sneaker cook groups lies in their ability to level the playing field, giving both novices and seasoned sneakerheads a fair shot at landing limited-edition pairs.

Finding the Right Sneaker Cook Group: A Tutorial Using

Choosing the ideal sneaker cook group is crucial for maximizing your chances of copping those rare and limited sneakers. Below is a simple guide on how to find a Cook Group to your needs using

1. Visit the Website

Navigate to Cook Groups and select your region. For this tutorial, we will choose the United States which is highlighted in a box.


2. Explore the Available Cook Groups

Locate your desired cook group from the list. We will use AK Chefs as an example, as it is at the top of the list.


3. Examine the Selected Group

Read through the information provided to determine if the cook group meets your needs. For our Cook Group AKChefs; they have 500+ guides available and even a 24-hour money-back guarantee.


4. Proceed to Checkout

Once you’ve found the perfect match, click on "View on Whop" to complete the checkout process and gain access to the group.


This simple process ensures you can easily find and join a sneaker cook group that aligns with your goals and preferences.

The Role of Bots in Sneaker Copping

In the high-stakes world of sneaker copping, speed is of the essence. Manual purchasing simply can't compete with the efficiency and rapidity of bots. These automated software tools navigate through the checkout process at lightning speeds, significantly increasing the chances of securing limited-release sneakers.

While bots enhance the likelihood of success, they also present challenges, such as the risk of being detected and banned by retail websites. This is where the strategic use of proxies comes into play.

Why Proxies Are Essential for Sneaker Bots

Proxies serve as intermediaries between the bot and the retailer's website, masking the bot's IP address to avoid detection and bans.

They are critical in sneaker copping for two key reasons:

  • Circumventing limitations

All websites have set rate limits, which you can bypass with proxies. This allows you to complete multiple purchase attempts without being blocked.

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions

With access to proxies from different geographical locations, bots can access region-specific sneaker releases. In other words, you can mask your location and appear as a visitor from a different region.

Which Proxies Work Best for Sneaker Copping?

There are primarily two types of proxies used in sneaker copping: residential and datacenter. When it comes to sneaker copping, milliseconds can mean the difference between a purchase and being left empty-handed. Using the right kind of proxies is essential for success. Here’s what you need to know:

Residential Proxies: The Authentic Edge

A residential proxy is an IP address assigned to a residential address. They come from internet service providers and are routed through residential devices (computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets). Here are their key advantages:

  • Authenticity

As residential proxies come from genuine devices with ISP connections, they’re indistinguishable from genuine internet users. In other words, your chances of being detected are reduced to a minimum.

  • Rotation

Most residential proxies have the ability to switch between IP addresses in set intervals. This way, they mimic real internet users, further reducing the risk of being banned by sneaker sites.

  • Success rates

Since they’re nearly undetectable, residential proxies tend to have higher success rates and better chances of bypassing anti-bot measures.

Datacenter Proxies: The Quickfire Approach

On the other hand, datacenter proxies aren’t associated with residential addresses. Instead, these proxies come from data centers. Here are their key advantages:

  • Speed and performance

Since they’re hosted on powerful servers instead of residential devices, datacenter proxies offer better speeds and higher uptime. Their low latency ensures your requests reach sneaker sites faster than any other proxy type.

  • Pricing

Datacenter proxies are also the most cost-effective type of proxy you can get. They often come with unlimited bandwidth and threads, making a perfect choice for the budget-conscious sneaker copper.

  • Reliability

Finally, datacenter proxies often come with static IPs. In other words, they don’t change - you’re bound to use a single IP address for the full duration of your lease period. While this is convenient in certain cases, it can also increase the risk of being detected.

The choice between these types of proxies boils down to your priorities, target sites, and budgetary constraints. If authenticity is a priority, residential proxies are the way to go, although they will set you back more.

Alternatively, if your target website doesn’t care about where your IP comes from and speed is a priority, datacenter proxies are clearly a better option. Certain providers also offer sneaker proxies, tested and handpicked to ensure successful copping.

Best Practices for Success

Sneaker copping is a highly competitive field, requiring a mix of strategy, preparation, and execution for success. Here are some best practices to stick to:

  • Selecting a sneaker cook group

Use websites like to research and join the best group for your needs.

  • Bot and proxy configuration

Optimize your bot settings for speed and efficiency, and select proxies that offer the best balance of undetectability and performance. Regularly update proxy lists to avoid using flagged IPs.

  • Stay up-to-date with your sneaker cook group

Staying active in your sneaker cook group is crucial for live updates on the drop you are trying to go for. Settings for sneaker bots may also be posted, which may ensure you stay ahead of retailer detection methods, and ensure you are successful in copping.


The dynamic world of sneaker reselling offers exciting opportunities for those equipped with the right knowledge and tools. Sneaker cook groups, bots, and proxies form the backbone of a successful copping strategy, enabling enthusiasts to secure limited releases and reap substantial profits.

By understanding how these elements interact and applying best practices, you can significantly improve your chances of success in the competitive sneaker market. Remember, the key to mastering sneaker copping requires more than just having the right tools. Being part of a community that shares insights, strategies, and the thrill of the hunt is just as important.

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