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MarsProxies and AdsPower: Integration Tutorial

Websites track your behavior and activity as you navigate the site and gather information about your device using browser fingerprinting, cookies, and other web-tracking methods. While these methods are designed to improve your browsing experience, they cause different challenges and IP blocks.

Luckily, anti-detect browsers like AdsPower help you avoid these challenges by modifying your IP, location, and other identifying markers of your browser profiles while creating unique browsing environments.

In this article, we’ll cover this popular anti-detect browser and explain how to set up an AdsPower proxy with MarsProxies.

AdsPower Features Overview

AdsPower is an anti-fingerprinting solution for online advertising, web scraping, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, betting, ticketing, crypto, and more. Right now, it has over 800,000 users, but the number is growing constantly thanks to its excellent features, including batch support, automatic operations, Chromium and Firefox-based browsers, team collaboration functions, etc.

The anti-detect browser utilizes real browser fingerprinting to provide original fingerprints for each browser session, letting users open and manage countless accounts on the platforms they want. AdsPower is known for its exceptional customer support and flexible plans. It's a good tool for those who are looking for a multi-account solution. Here you can read an overview of AdsPower and its alternative.

Pricing starts at $9 per month, but you can take advantage of the free trial with two profiles and no additional members.

What Does MarsProxies Offer?

Premium proxies ensure safe and efficient usage of anti-detect browsers like AdsPower. At MarsProxies, you’ll find premium residential proxies at very competitive prices. We use ethical and legal IP sourcing methods to ensure high privacy and safety on the internet.

Our global pool of authentic residential IPs with top-tier features is a great option for AdsPower. Some of the features to expect from our high-quality proxy service include:

  • Over 1 million residential proxies in over 190 locations
  • Country, state/region-level targeting
  • Non-expiring residential traffic
  • HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support
  • Rotating and sticky sessions (from 1 second to 7 days)
  • Reasonable prices and flexible plans

How to Use MarsProxies With AdsPower

1. Download AdsPower from the website and install it. Launch AdsPower and log in or create an account. To set up your proxies, click on the New Profile (1) button in the quick menu.


2. Scroll down to the Proxy (2) section.


3. Go to the MarsProxies dashboard to configure your proxies. We’ll be using residential proxies from Paris, France (3) with sticky IPs (4), HTTP/HTTPS protocol (5), and six hours (6) for the session duration.


4. AdsPower recognizes proxies in the hostname:port:username:password format, so you can select any set of credentials from the generated list (7) and copy it to your clipboard.


5. Go back to AdsPower. Change the Proxy type (8) to HTTP. Click on the empty Host:Port (9) field and paste the information you copied from the MarsProxies dashboard. AdsPower will fill all the necessary fields (hostname, port, username, and password) automatically.


6. Click the Check Proxy (10) button, and you’ll get some useful information (11) about your proxy server. These include the testing results, IP address, country, region, and city. Once your profile is configured, click the OK (12) button.


7. Saving your profile will get you back to the main AdsPower window. Click the Open (13) button to start your browser.


8. As soon as the browser window opens, you'll get some information about your profile and proxy server you're using.


9. Alternatively, you can visit IPHey or a similar website to test the integrity of your browser profile.


10. If your browser fingerprint looks authentic (or trustworthy, in this case), you're ready to go!

To Sum Up

While AdsPower is a great solution for your multi-accounting problems, it needs to be combined with premium proxies. With MarsProxies, you can use this anti-detect browser to the full without worrying about bans or blocks. Just set up your AdsPower proxy with MarsProxies, and you can start leveraging the benefits of the free plan.

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