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Best Private Instagram Profile Viewers for 2024

Are you looking for a way to view private Instagram accounts without following them? Or you just want to see Instagram posts without registration? Apparently, there’s a solution called an Instagram private profile viewer.

This tool can help you access the content you need, no matter if you’ve been blocked, the account owner has rejected your follow request, or you just don’t want to have an Instagram account.

In this article, we’ll explain what private Instagram account viewers are and where to find the best options out there. We’ll also discuss ethical practices when accessing Instagram profiles and suggest a few tips for respecting user privacy.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

What Are Private Instagram Profile Viewers?

They are software programs or tools designed to let you access or view private Instagram accounts without having permission from the account owner.

While Instagram accounts are public by default, allowing anyone to view Instagram posts and other content shared by the owner, users can easily switch their accounts to private. This would make their profile accessible only to approved followers.

But if you want to view their private accounts without following them or getting your follow request approved, you can use a private Instagram viewer. This tool can also help you view Instagram content without owning an account in the first place.

Combining it with reliable residential proxies will make you untraceable, helping you access the Instagram content you want completely anonymously. That’s because proxies will assign a new IP address to your device, keeping your online identity private while browsing Instagram.

Top 7 Private Instagram Profile Viewers

After researching and analyzing many private Instagram account viewers, we’ve selected the best options for 2024. They are listed in no particular order, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, so you can make your decision easier.

1. Glassagram

We start our list with Glassagram, a tool that lets you access any Instagram account. The app allows you to view posts and stories of private account owners and their profiles anonymously. It even lets you download images and videos.

Glassgram is easy to use and supports iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. You can even use it to track your kids’ Instagram activity by installing it on their phones and getting the results on your dashboard.

While the app has a free version you can use for life, it doesn’t let you track private profiles. The free plan offers limited features, and some features are not available to the Android platform.

2. uMobix

This is another great platform that allows you to view and explore any Instagram account and content without registration. You can also use it to read Instagram text messages and respond to them from the target account. However, this option is only available if you install uMobix on the target device.

Thanks to features like app filtering, location tracking, and activity reports, it’s commonly used as a parental control app, letting parents see everything their kids do on over 20 popular social media platforms.

uMobix has a user-friendly dashboard, supports Android and iOS devices, and is available in various languages. However, it has no free plan, and each subscription allows you to monitor only one device.

3. XMobi

With this private Instagram viewer, you’ll be able to access any Instagram account without logging in to your own account. You can see the targeted person’s account, everything they upload to their profile, and their followers’ reactions.

The site is reliable and secure, boasting SSL certification, and supports iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. XMobi is easy to use as you don’t need to install any software on your phone, and it’s free.

However, you must know the username of the Instagram user you’re trying to access or monitor.


This cell phone monitoring app can help you spy on your target Instagram account. You can use it to access public and private profiles on 12 social media platforms. To monitor an Instagram account, you need to install the app on the target user’s phone.

The app will let you track their Instagram messages, view their photos along with the check date and time stamp, and screen-record their activity on the platform. XNSPY is relatively easy to use and requires no human verification.

However, accessing advanced features on iOS devices requires jailbreaking, and the software offers only paid subscriptions, meaning you won’t find a free option.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy allows you to monitor your target user’s Instagram account discreetly. You can see recent Instagram conversations along with a timestamp and an option to print them out for easier access later. In addition, you can access the target user’s media files exchanged via Instagram.

Aside from Instagram, Cocospy lets you track other social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook. After installing the app on your target user’s device, you can hide the icon to make it invisible. It’s super easy to use, so it’s a good option for non-tech-savvy users.

However, many of its features are unavailable on its iOS version, and there’s no free option, so you’ll have to subscribe to a premium plan to start using it.

6. Insta Stalker

This Instagram private viewer allows you to view Instagram users’ stories anonymously. You can also see their posts, followers, and followings. It doesn’t require any software installation, so you just enter the link or username of the target account and hit the ‘Search’ button.

You don’t even have to create an account on the site, so it’s really straightforward. Insta Stalker is safe to use, thanks to the SSL encryption, and it’s completely free.

However, you can only view and download stories from public Instagram accounts.

7. Instalooker

We end our list with another private Instagram viewer called Instalooker. The tool lets you access any private account even if the owner has blocked you. You can view their photos, posts, or videos completely anonymously.

Instalooker doesn’t require downloading or installing any software. You just have to enter the target Instagram account username and wait a few minutes to get results. The app is free, and the site supports several languages.

However, it may ask for your human verification before showing the results. Also, some Instalooker online reviews say the app doesn't work, so it’s good that you don’t have to pay to try it out.

Free vs. Paid Instagram Account Viewers

Today, you can find numerous Instagram account viewers, both free and paid. Like with any other service or product, free Instagram account viewers might come with some limitations and slightly lower performance compared to paid options.

However, not all free tools are created equal, so it’s worth testing them out. After all, it won’t cost you anything.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Private Instagram Viewer

Whether you're going with a free or paid option, it depends on several factors. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the best tool for you:

  • Does it really give you access to private accounts?
  • Is it compatible with your device?
  • Does it require installation?
  • Does it require jailbreaking?
  • What features does it offer?
  • Ethical Considerations and Best Practices

Accessing a private Instagram account without its owner’s permission raises ethical concerns regarding privacy rights. A user may choose to keep their Instagram account private for reasons such as controlling their audience or protecting their personal information.

Therefore, acting responsibly and ethically is highly recommended when trying to access a private account. This means avoiding using deceptive methods that could compromise someone’s privacy rights or engaging in illegal activities.

Avoid accessing private content out of curiosity or malicious intent, and do not share or distribute private content without explicit permission. Also, make sure you use reputable and legal Instagram account viewers that operate within the boundaries of Instagram’s terms of service.


Whether your request to follow an Instagram account has been rejected, you’ve been blocked, or you just want to view profiles anonymously, private Instagram profile viewers can help.

Just make sure you use reputable tools, don’t use the private content for illegal or malicious activities, and don’t share it with anyone else to adhere to Instagram’s terms of service.


How can I browse Instagram without an account?

You can browse Instagram without creating or owning an account using an Instagram account viewer. This tool will help you view public and sometimes private profiles and content without registering.

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram profile?

While you may find some apps claiming they can show you how many times someone has viewed your profile, they usually don’t work. This is against the platform’s policies to ensure user privacy, so you should avoid them.

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