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Guide On How To Use MarsProxies ISP Proxies

At MarsProxies, we offer a wide selection of ISP (static residential) proxies across multiple countries. We also regularly update and expand this proxy network to make sure our clients can always rely on fresh proxies for all their tasks.

Several things set us apart from other providers. MarsProxies offers:

  • ISP proxies with unlimited traffic
  • Dedicated static residential IPs
  • SOCKS5 support

On top of that, our plans are highly customizable. The option to purchase a specific number of proxies (starting from a single IP per order) makes our ISP proxies suitable for all kinds of clients and budgets.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about our ISP proxies and provide you with the information you need to start using them.

Why Choose MarsProxies ISP Proxies

🚀 Competitive pricing

We offer discounts based on the number of purchased proxies, as well as additional discounts based on plan duration (3% off with the 2-month plan and with the three-month plan).

🚀 Premium ISP providers

Regardless of the location you choose, we can guarantee that each IP address comes from a premium local internet service provider. We also guarantee that each IP is 100% residential.

🚀 Fantastic location coverage

You can get our proxies from many countries over four continents. We’re also constantly expanding our service with new locations. In case you need a location we don’t offer at the moment, please contact us and we’ll consider adding it.

🚀 High speeds

With speeds of up to 10Gbps and no traffic limitations, we offer a reliable and cost-effective solution even for the most bandwidth-intensive tasks.

🚀 HTTPS & SOCKS5 support

Select the protocol that suits your needs to get the best results in any usage scenario.

🚀 24/7 support

Our skilled team of experts is available non-stop, ready to help you set up and use your proxies to their fullest potential.

Technical Features of MarsProxies ISP Proxies

🚀 Dedicated IPs

Each ISP proxy is reserved just for you to offer uncompromising privacy and complete control over your online activities.

🚀 99.9% uptime

Consistent uptime and reliable connections enable you to perform your tasks and access the resources you need whenever you need them.

🚀 Unlimited traffic & sessions

Maximize your potential and enjoy complete online freedom with zero bandwidth limitations and session restrictions.

🚀 Easy integration

Set up in minutes, optimize your workflow, and simplify operations with a hassle-free user experience.

The Purchase Of MarsProxies ISP Proxies

This section covers the entire process of purchasing our ISP proxies. This includes adding funds to your MarsProxies account, making a purchase, managing your orders, and everything else you need to know to make the most of our service.

Adding Funds to Your Account

Once you’ve created your MarsProxies account, log in to the dashboard.


Click on your username in the top right corner (1) and select Deposit (2) from the menu.


Select your preferred payment method (3) in the new window. Add the necessary information (4) and click on Pay (5).


You’ll get a notification (6) that the deposit was made successfully, and you’ll see the details in the latest transactions (7).


Congratulations, you can now purchase your ISP proxies.

Purchasing MarsProxies ISP Proxies

Our ISP proxies are available in four plan versions - 1, 30, 60, and 90 days. You can choose the exact number of proxies you want to purchase with each plan. By ordering a larger number of proxies for a longer period, you can take advantage of our discounts that reduce the starting price by up to 3%.

Select ISP Proxies from the list (1) and click the Create new order button (2).


Next, select the plan (3) duration, the location of your proxies (4), and the number of IPs (5). If you want your order to extend automatically before it expires, tick the Auto extend order box (6). The website will automatically include all the discounts you’re entitled to based on the plan duration and the number of proxies (7). You will also see the final price (8). Once you’re ready, click Next (9).


Once you click Next, you’ll be forwarded to a page with your order overview (10). Here you can select the payment method (11). Click the Pay button (12) when done.

Note: Cryptocurrency payments are only available in the Deposit section.


You’ll get a pop-up notification that confirms successful payment.


We’ll also send you two emails to confirm that your order has been confirmed and processed. The website will also return you to the ISP proxies page. You can check your order’s status at the bottom (13).


As soon as the status changes to Confirmed, you can start using your ISP proxies.

How to Extend ISP Proxies Orders

Once you purchase your ISP proxies, you also have the option to renew your orders manually or automatically. In both cases, you get to keep the same IP addresses.

Extending Orders Manually

An hour after you place your order, you will get the option to extend it by clicking the Extend button (1) in the dashboard.


A new window will open, and you need to select the plan (2). You’ll see the new expiration date and the final price. Click Confirm (3) when done.


Once you do that, you need to select the payment method (4) and click the Pay button (5) to extend your order.


Just like with placing a regular order, you’ll get a pop-up confirmation and an email to confirm that your order is processed. You’ll also be able to see both the original order and the extension in your ISP proxies orders section (6).


Extending Orders Automatically

Alternatively, you can extend your ISP proxies orders automatically before they expire. From the dashboard, click the Details (1) button next to the order you want to extend automatically.

ISP13a_new .png

Click the Enable (2) button to enable auto-extend for that particular order.


Once you do, you’ll see a notification (3). To turn off automatic order extensions, simply click the Disable button.


As long as the auto-extend option is enabled, the system will extend your order automatically three days before expiration. It will deduct the necessary funds from your account balance and automatically include any discounts you’re entitled to.

Trial & Refund Policy

We do not offer a trial period for our ISP proxies. Instead, we suggest purchasing the daily plan for the purpose of testing. That way, you can check our proxies and make sure they work for your intended purpose at a minimal cost.

Dashboard Overview Of MarsProxies ISP Proxies

Here’s all you need to know about the MarsProxies dashboard and all the features it offers for ISP proxies.


My Profile

This button leads to the account settings. Once there, you can modify your existing information (name, username, email, location, affiliate payout method), add custom invoice details, change your account password, and disable or delete your MarsProxies account.


The Deposit section allows you to add funds to your account, as described in the previous section. You can use a credit card or cryptocurrencies.

Username menu

Clicking here opens a sub-menu that displays your current account balance. You can also modify your account settings, deposit funds, and confirm your identity here.

Create new order

By clicking here, you can order more ISP proxies.

ISP proxies orders

Your ISP proxies order and their current status. Clicking the Details button for a particular order will take you to the configuration page for the ISP proxies you purchased.


ISP proxies orders list

Clicking this button takes you back to the dashboard (previous page).

Order information

Here you can see the details of your selected order - product, current status, expiration date, plan, location, number of IPs, and the final price.

Auto extend order

If you enable this feature, your order will be extended automatically (three days before expiration). The system automatically places an order, deducts the funds from your account balance, and includes all discounts you’re entitled to.

Reset credentials

Clicking this button changes the existing username and password for all proxies in your order at once.

Product info

This is the list of all proxies in your order, along with their current credentials in the IP:port:username:password format.

Select port

Here you can pick between HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols for your proxies to use. The changes will be applied automatically to the proxies in the Product info field.

Configuration Of MarsProxies ISP Proxies

In most cases, proxies require some configuring before you can start using them. Our ISP proxies are pre-configured and ready to deploy right after your order is confirmed. All you need to do is select the protocol - HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5 (1). Once you do, the proxy list will automatically update, so you can copy your proxy credentials to the clipboard and deploy them.



Why do I need to verify my identity to use ISP proxies?

As part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, all clients must confirm their identity before purchasing our ISP proxies. The identity verification process is mandatory as of April 1st, 2023. The process only takes a few minutes, and it’s necessary to ensure the highest possible safety and security of our proxies for clients and the company.

How long can I use the same IP address?

The IP addresses you get once your order is confirmed remain unchanged and reserved for you as long as your ISP proxies plan is active. If you decide to extend the plan, you can keep using the same IP addresses.

What protocols do ISP proxies support?

Our ISP proxies support both HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

What is the difference between ISP proxies and Ultra Residential proxies?

Our ISP proxies are sold per IP address. These IPs remain the same for the entire plan duration. On top of that, they’re quite affordable and offer unlimited bandwidth, so you can use them as much as you want without worrying about additional fees for consumed data. Meanwhile, our Ultra Residential proxies pricing is based on traffic. This plan offers access to over one million proxies in 195 locations, with city-level targeting and customizable IP rotation options.

Can I buy one ISP proxy?

Yes. The minimum number of proxies in a single order is 1 for the daily plan. For one-month, two-month, and three-month plans, the minimum number of proxies is 5 per order.

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