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MarsProxies and Dolphin{Anty}: Integration Tutorial

Just like fingerprints are unique to you, your digital fingerprint is unique to your online persona. The information used to create this fingerprint includes your OS characteristics, IP address, and browser version and capabilities. It’s how websites identify users and enforce restrictions, preventing data scraping and multiple account management.

This is when anti-detect browsers like Dolphin{anty} can come in handy. You can use it to open and manage numerous browser profiles from one device without triggering any alarms.

In this article, we’ll say a few words about this anti-detect browser and then explain how to set up your MarsProxies proxy in Dolphin{anty}.

Dolphin{anty} Features Overview

Dolphin{anty} is an anti-detect browser for affiliate marketing purposes on various platforms. It’s a great option for anyone who needs privacy and efficient management of countless accounts. It supports teams, streamlining the collaborative process among team members.

With this browser, you can work with hundreds of original profiles from a single device. All of the profiles have different browser fingerprints with a unique web environment. Cookies, cache, history, and other parameters are isolated, making it impossible to connect one account to another.

Dolphin{anty} can be integrated with Dolphin, a Facebook tool, and Dolphin{tt}, which is coming soon for work with TikTok. Pricing starts at $89 per month, and a free trial is available, letting you save up to ten browser profiles.

What Does MarsProxies Offer?

While Dolphin{anty} is a great anti-detect browser, it’s not very useful without high-quality residential proxies. MarsProxies offers ethically sourced residential proxies with a high uptime and trust score. They are 100% authentic, ensuring each profile you create on Dolphin{anty} looks like an actual online user from a location of your choice.

Features and qualities to expect from our proxy service include:

  • Over 1 million residential IPs in over 190 locations
  • Precise geo-targeting options (country, state/region)
  • Rotating and sticky sessions
  • HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support
  • Non-expiring residential traffic
  • Daily, monthly, and pay-as-you-go plans
  • Very competitive prices and bulk discounts

How to Use MarsProxies With Dolphin{Anty}

1. Download the correct version of Dolphin{Anty} for your operating system from the website, install it, and create a profile. Once you run it, click the Create profile (1) button.


2. Click the New proxy (2) button in the profile creation section.


3. Open the MarsProxies dashboard and configure your proxies. We’ll use our residential proxies from Belin, Germany (3). We’ll go with sticky IPs (4), HTTP (5) as the protocol, and two hours (6) for the session duration.


4. Since Dolphin{Anty} recognizes proxies in the hostname:port:username:password format, select a string of credentials (7) from the MarsProxies dashboard and copy it to the clipboard.


5. Return to Dolphin{Anty} and paste the credentials into the Proxy (8) field. The browser will automatically test your proxy and provide some additional information (9). Give your proxy a name (10), finish configuring your profile, and save it by clicking the Create (11) button.


6. Click the Start (12) button next to your profile to run the browser.


7. Once the browser window opens, you can test your configuration by visiting IPHey or any other similar website.


8. If there are no issues with your browser fingerprint, you're ready to start working!

To Sum Up

Dolphin{anty} is a popular anti-detect option for affiliate marketers and all professionals looking for online privacy and efficient multi-accounting. Once you set up a Dolphin{anty} proxy with MarsProxies, you can try the browser for free and see if it works for you.

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