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MarsProxies and MuLogin: Integration Tutorial

MuLogin is a seasoned multi-login and anti-detect browser. As all the other solutions we covered so far, it enables users to securely and safely create and manage multiple accounts on different websites and platforms from a single device.

It works with all popular websites, including Amazon, eBay, iTunes, social media sites, and more. Each browser profile you create is completely isolated to prevent information leaks and compromise your operations.

In this integration tutorial, we’ll look into MuLogin’s key features, explain how to use it with MarsProxies, and check the results.

MuLogin Features Overview

MuLogin has been around for a while, which becomes obvious the moment you start digging through its features. The interface is clean and very-beginner friendly at first.

However, it contains more options than we’ve seen in other solutions. With so many things you can customize, it’s safe to assume that MuLogin caters to users who want full control over their browser fingerprint.

Here’s a brief overview of MuLogin’s features:

  • Advanced customization

Aside from one-button profile creation, users can customize every aspect of their browser fingerprints, including software, hardware, plug-ins, additional apps, and more.

  • Profile encryption

MuLogin also protects accounts (including passwords, cookies, and other sensitive user data) with encryption. All account and user data gets encrypted before uploading and storing to prevent data leaks and account correlation.

  • Automation

In addition to batch management features, MuLogin also offers automation and multiple API interfaces for users who need to automate repetitive tasks. It also supports Selenium and Puppeteer.

What Does MarsProxies Offer

With over 1M authentic, ethically sourced residential proxies across the world and highly competitive prices, MarsProxies offers an additional layer of security and privacy for all your multi-accounting needs. Our residential proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, with precise targeting (country, state/region, and city level).

Residential proxy users also enjoy non-expiring traffic. Once purchased, it remains available until needed. This unique pricing approach, combined with fantastic bulk discounts, ensures the best price to value ratio on the market.

Finally, each proxy in our pool comes from a genuine residential device (desktop or mobile). This ensures the best quality and highest trust scores for our IP addresses, minimizing the risk of blocks, bans, CAPTCHAs, and other obstacles for our clients.

How to Use MarsProxies With MuLogin

1. To start, download the latest version of MuLogin from the website. Log in and select Browser List (1) from the quick menu. Click the Add browser button (2).


2. In the Basic Configuration tab (3), scroll down to Proxy settings (4). MuLogin supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies, so select the type (5) you want to use. We’ll go with SOCKS5.


3. Now it’s time to get your proxy credentials from the MarsProxies dashboard. We’ll use our Ultra residential proxies in Copenhagen, Denmark (6), with sticky rotation (7), SOCKS5 protocol (8), and a session duration of 8 hours (9).


4. Once you configure your proxies, select any string of credentials (10) from the MarsProxies dashboard. It contains your hostname (or IP address), port, username, and password separated by colons.


5. Copy this information over to MuLogin (11) and click the Check the network button (12) to get some additional information about your proxy. You’ll get some additional information (13) about your proxy server. Once you’re done configuring other aspects of your browser profile, click the Save button (14).


6. Now it’s time to launch your newly created browser profile by clicking the Open (15) button.


7. A browser will launch with your settings. You can visit any fingerprint-checking website to make sure everything works correctly. We’ll use BrowserScan.


If there are no authenticity issues, you’re ready to start using your browser.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned anti-detect browser user, MuLogin has a lot to offer. Just remember, your browser profiles need reliable, high-quality proxies to save you from issues down the road. If you’re looking for top features and performance at great prices, MarsProxies is where it’s at!

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