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MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies Update: New Locations!

At MarsProxies, we’re constantly working on improving our proxy services by incorporating up-to-date features and adding new locations. We understand our users’ needs keep evolving, so we ensure they can find the perfect proxies for their tasks.

This includes finding IP addresses in the location they need, whether to bypass geo-restrictions, scrape data effortlessly, or just improve their connection speeds. That’s why we’ve added five new locations for our global datacenter proxy service:

  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Ireland
  • Finland

With the new location additions, MarsProxies clients can now use dedicated datacenter IP addresses from 34 countries worldwide.

Key Benefits of MarsProxies Datacenter Proxies

MarsProxies Datacenter proxies are one of the best options for private and small-to-medium business users. Let’s see what makes them stand out.

  • Dedicated IPs

Unlike many datacenter proxies, ours are dedicated instead of shared. They are reserved just for you, so you’re the sole owner of the IP addresses allocated to you. Since you aren’t sharing the proxy resources with multiple users, they are much faster, more reliable, and more secure than the shared version.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

MarsProxies datacenter proxy service comes with zero bandwidth limits. No matter how many proxies you order, you get unlimited bandwidth. This allows you to manage tasks on high-traffic sites and apps seamlessly without interruptions or worries about reaching data limits.

  • High performance

Our high-performing datacenter proxies are hosted on high-speed servers in worldwide data centers, providing industry-leading speeds and a consistently high uptime of 99.99%. This makes them one of the fastest and most stable options in the market.

  • Global network

Finding dedicated datacenter proxies in worldwide locations can be challenging, but MarsProxies makes things a lot easier. Our global proxy network includes dedicated IP addresses in 34 countries worldwide, including our latest additions: Serbia, South Korea, Vietnam, Finland, and Ireland. Clients can choose the location they need at no additional cost.

  • HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support

MarsProxies datacenter proxy servers are highly flexible and secure thanks to the HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support. The advanced protocol support allows you to use them with any browser, application, or bot you want.

  • Flexible plans

We have one of the most flexible plans on the market, letting you customize the perfect package for your needs and budget. This includes ordering as little as one proxy in a location of your choice for 1, 30, 60, or 90 days. Whether you need datacenter proxies for one-time use or larger projects, MarsProxies can help.

  • Affordable prices

Although dedicated datacenter proxies usually cost more than the shared option, MarsProxies ensures anyone can use a dedicated datacenter IP address without breaking the bank. This is why our proxies are one of the most affordable on the market, with prices starting at only $0.99 per proxy. Our daily plan and discounts make our service a great choice for all budget-conscious and small-time users.

Key Uses of Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are widely used thanks to their high speeds and more affordable prices. Check out their most common use cases:

  • Web scraping

Datacenter proxy servers are used for web scraping as they provide fast, anonymous, and cost-effective access to large amounts of data from different websites. They help access location-specific content and collect publicly available data quickly.

  • Accessing geo-restricted content

Datacenter proxies can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access the website, app, or content you need. This can be useful for any private or business user looking to access streaming, gaming, social media, business, or any other platform unavailable in their location. Using a datacenter IP in the location you need can help you unlock the desired content from anywhere.

  • Ad verification

Advertisers use datacenter IP addresses to verify the placement and performance of their ads efficiently and anonymously. They can use proxies to test their online ads, detect ad fraud, and verify the success of their ad campaigns in specific locations.

  • SEO monitoring

Datacenter proxy addresses are often used for SEO monitoring activities such as keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and technical SEO analysis. Thanks to their ability to bypass rate limiting, CAPTCHAs, or IP blocks enforced by search engines to deter web scraping, they allow SEO experts to perform their tasks efficiently, with minimal risk of interruptions and bans.

  • Price monitoring

Many businesses use datacenter proxies to perform efficient price monitoring so they can get insights into competitors and understand the market overall. Proxies help them bypass IP blocks and CAPTCHAs, letting them collect accurate and fresh data. This way, they can perform pricing and revenue optimization, make well-informed pricing decisions, and reprice services and products according to market demands or trends.

  • Sneaker copping

Datacenter proxies are a valuable tool in the sneaker-copping community thanks to their high speeds and reliability. They help sneaker enthusiasts bypass geo-restrictions and one-pair-per-user policy by making their bot requests look like they come from different legitimate users from the desired location. This way, they can purchase multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers without being noticed by retail websites.

  • Social media management

Social media managers use datacenter proxy servers to create and manage numerous accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter without getting detected and banned. Dedicated datacenter proxies are ideal for this job, making each account look like it belongs to a specific user in the desired location. At the same time, they enable tracking of the competitors' social media accounts without being noticed.

Final Words

Our team is constantly working to ensure our global dedicated datacenter proxies are fast, reliable, and affordable. With state-of-the-art features like unlimited bandwidth and HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, and the latest location additions, including Serbia, South Korea, Ireland, Finland, and Vietnam, MarsProxies can help anyone find the proxies they need.

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